Tea Time

The results of a florist and a photographer having a little fun on a hot Sunday afternoon:
Sometimes the most beautiful things can happen when you least plan it. I had some unused anemones from my wonderful wholesaler and a mounting collection of tea tins. I called Annabella (of Annabella Charles) and asked her opinion as to what to do... and this mini-shoot was born. It was so much fun working with a color palate that as unintentional and yet naturally very appealing. We each contributed our own bits and pieces including an old wooden tool box I acquired from S.Y. Wilson's Antique store in Arlington and some greens from my neighbor's garden!
*And a little note of thanks to our husbands who watched the kids while we got some flower/photo creativity out of our systems!

Day After Sessions: Karl and Mary

If your wedding photos don't look exactly as you had planned or you want to do a little something different with your wedding dress and personal flowers, it's never too late for a "day after" photo session. In this case Karl and Mary worked with Annabella Charles Photography to capture their true love in these breathtaking photos. The popular and gorgeous blog Love and Lavender featured this very photogenic couple today along with some of my favorite creations. The bouquet alone featured succulents, flawless large white garden roses, white peonies, grey dusty miller leaves, wax flower, rabbit tail grass, and blue cypress berries from my favorite tree near our home. The boutonniere was fashioned from greens around a pair of nails tied in a knot. There were ribbons, lace, teacups, vines, and much more!
But don't take my word for it, see it here:Love and Lavender

Hot off the Press!

Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Part 3

The final grouping from out Kentucky Derby inspired photo shoot for Southern Bride:
I loved making a floral skirt for our derby table. It reminded me of my competition days in San Francisco where my classmates and I made all manner of wearable flower costumes and accessories for an art gallery. I guess one could say I am getting a lot of experience in that field. Wouldn't mind creating some living blossom hats for a fashion show some day!
The Derby team and I sincerely hope that our inspiration shoots help brides-to-be channel their inner style, their creativity, and their ability to plan of the big day with flourish. Details can be daunting, but when you have the right help and a sense of what you love (or don't love), your wedding will be perfectly you. And dears, that is what inspiration shoots are truly all about.

Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Part 2

The Food!
Ziparo's catering brought in the most delicious feast and since it was a photo shoot... we couldn't touch it for a while! I am including a photo of my favorite layered salad because it is what I ate the most of while feverishly putting flowers together for the lounge. In a horse stall. (I brought a lot of hand wipes)
Then after the lounge session there was one large item I had my eye on. Yes, the Bourbon cake! I wanted to take the entire thing home until I had hiccups for a week (alcohol cake!) but alas, I brought two slices home for me and my husband and we vowed to get another one some day because it was so unusually delicious. I say that because I am a cake purist. I like icing and cake, no need to marinate it in anything. Well I was a cake purist until Ziparo's got ahold of me. So let your mouth water over these photos from Annabella Charles.

PS Did you notice the photos on the wall behind the champagne? They are of horses and family members of our own Clint Sidle from Mahaffey Tent & Party! Champagne Wishes to all!

Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Details Part 1

The newest issue of Southern Bride Magazine is on the stands and here are some of my favorite personal flower photos from the Dream Derby Inspiration Photo Shoot. The planning for a shoot is usually months before the actual images are taken, which is then a few more months before they are published and ready to sell. It seems so surreal to visit these photos again after having to keep them secret for nearly 4 months. It was very difficult not to share when I had so many coral and pink rose loving brides this spring and summer!
My fellow Derby vendors - Each with a stellar reputation in the South:

Annabella Charles Photography
Social Butterflies

Bella Bridesmaid (Dresses by Lula Kate)

Models: ETA , Hair: Karluchi Smith, Makeup: Shelby Willis

A Must Read: JDRF Promise Ball 2011

As the sun set on April 30, 2011 the JRDF promise ball began and for the second year in a row I was a part of the event. I would like to take you back to last year on April 10 when I was honored to have a seat at last year's dinner and learned what my time and flowers stood for. I had just found out my own son had severe food allergies and there were now so many items that could poison him. Needless to say that night as I watched the stories of those parents who came home for the first time after receiving the Type 1 diabetes diagnosis from the doctor, I felt a kinship. I too came home and looked around the kitchen thinking, "what am I going to feed this child tonight? What am I going to feed him this week?" Then came the guilt and sadness because my son would eventually grow out of most of his allergies, and the children I was watching would only get worse as they went through the shock of puberty, the insulin increases, and ultimately the life events with stress or even childbirth that would take a serious toll on their bodies. I began to understand just what the "fuss" was all about. The things we have all taken for granted, eating without worry, exercise, feeling well; these are all things that children and adults with diabetes have an hourly reminder of.

On April 30, Dr. Julie Kate Webster spoke at this year's ball. She told her own story, diagnosed at 12 she still persued what was even a stressful education on healthy individuals and became a doctor. Most medical residents will tell you how hard that is. She got married. Most normal brides will tell you how stressful that is. She also took a chance with her life twice and had children. She has a husband who understands how delicate the balance of her life is every day and that she may not be lucky enough to see her grandchildren. These are all life decision that most of us have made, (education paths, marriage, family planning), but when a person has type 1 diabetes it works itself into every little decision from the daily, "what can I eat this moment?" to the lifetime, "will I see my grandchildren?". As humans we know nothing is guaranteed for any of us, but I can't help but attend these programs and see just how lucky I am at this moment. It was heartbreaking to see the Jr. Ambassadors, beautiful and handsome in their dresses, turn around with an insulin pump tucked into their satin and chiffon. A not so tiny reminder of the life ahead of them if there is no hope or no cure for this. I think the scariest part of diabetes is that it's not just genetic, it's not predictable, and insulin is no guarantee of a long life ahead of those who have it. The reality of hospital stays, heart problems, other organs failing and even amputations make the future so uncertain for those beautiful boys and girls I saw. I want for them the same freedoms I have: to live, love, and marry without fear. People with diabetes just want to live the same normal lives as all of us do. What is amazing to me it that bravely they do not complain about the fear, the pain, and the sick feelings they go through daily and make it easy for us to not even notice their struggles. I strongly encourage support of this worthy cause, but more I encourage educating yourself on what exactly the "fuss" is about for Juvenile Diabetes and for all manner of diseases that affect our children. You will be a better person for it in your community and in not taking your own daily health for granted. I know I am realizing this with every passing week.

Blessed are those who help others.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Southern Aisle: Becky and Andy

So delighted to have a feature today on the Southern Aisle!

Location: Vinegar Jim's Arlington

Coordination: Patti Braswell pbraswell@yahoo.com

Photography: Jerry Borwick

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style: Inspirations

As many brides to be and fellow event professionals know, Grace Ormonde is THE name in high end design and events. I am humbled and yet so proud to say that Haute Horticulture, partnered with some of the best names in Memphis, currently has 6 photos (1 tabletop, 5 lounge) in their new Wedding Style Magazine Website Inspirations Gallery. I have been purchasing that big beautiful magazine for nine years since I was engaged and dreaming about the florals and tables capes I saw in every jaw dropping issue. It inspired my own wedding design and continues to inspire me today in my work. Since the age of the e-bride, Wedding Style magazine has gone digital with more platinum resources and photos. This is truly a wonderful day for all of the vendors involved in these featured events!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet

For the second year in a row, I have been asked to decorate the head tables at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Spring fundraising banquet. This year they had Jason Sehorn as their guest speaker. I have to admit I probably only saw him as a defensive back (football) for the Giants when he was playing against my favorite team the Washington Redskins. He had a lot to say to inspire the young athletes who attended and he sure was handsome. There was quite the photo op line after the event! Special thanks to Melissa who took time from her busy schedule to come assist in the setup. It was fun but went fast! -Karin

Sunny April Wedding Part 2: Relaxed Reception

My most recent couple Andy and Becky were married last weekend among all their closest friends and family. The day was perfect, but wouldn't have been so easy had it not been for the hard behind the scenes work of the coordinator, Patti Braswell, as well as the accommodating owners and staff of Vinegar Jim's in Arlington. With their blessing, we set out to transform the restaurant only slightly from a rustic cabin atmosphere to a slightly more feminine decor. I liken it to a beautiful woman who doesn't have to wear makeup, but who catches your attention in a new spring dress. And as always, the food at Vinegar Jim's was delicious!

Sunny April Wedding: Andy and Becky

This past weekend was the true beginning of Spring in Arlington, TN. My dear neighbor's daughter walked down the aisle this sunny Saturday near our cozy downtown square and I was honored to be a part of their big day. The professional photographs will be coming in a few weeks, but I couldn't help but post some of my favorites from my own camera. What a photogenic couple! I want to say a special thank you to Wayne, Patti Braswell, Melissa, Molly, and Blake for all the help for the early a.m. setup. It was well worth beating the sun to rise!

More to come...


Spring Sangria: John and Jenn

When I first met Jenn she described her wedding colors as "sangria" and Cool Water purple roses (her favorite). I have since used the word sangria about a hundred times to make sure that the flowers were indeed like a rich summer wine punch. One look at the harmonious hues of the sneak preview photos from Annabella Charles Photography, and you will see why these colors were so important to our bride.

The wedding and reception were at Hunt Phelan. (Side note: my husband wanted me to title this entry "That Luvin' Phelan" but I just couldn't do it!) Every detail was expertly managed and designed by Social Butterflies. I don't think we could have done it without their expert experience to pull us through some major weather back up plans. I am certain not a single guest noticed all of the changes made at the last minute. The wedding blended seamlessly into the reception while the rain clouds parted just in time for Jenn to walk down her rose petal aisle and marry her beloved. Personally I can't think of a better way to start the season of 2011 with such great vendors and friends and such a wonderful couple. Congratulations to John and Jenn!!!

Beautiful linens and rentals from Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals

Floor to ceiling pink and purple lighting by Moonshine

New Year's Eve: Micah and Ruthie

When a couple decides on a holiday wedding like New Year's Eve, you know it's going to be a wild and unpredictable night full of memories for all. And that's just how I feel about the last wedding in Memphis on 12-31-2010 (or so it was for me, Amy Miller, and Annabella Charles, and Delectables Catering, and Moonshine Lighting).

Just after sunset Micah and Ruthie exchanged their heartfelt vows under a floating arch of Calla Lilies. The colors were fresh and as bold as the venue they chose downtown, Bridges. The staff at Bridges couldn't have been nicer and really helped me and my crew stay safe. As a choice for brides, I love what Bridges stands for and I applaud Ruthie and Micah for bringing their day to such a high spirited, community oriented place.
Ruthie exudes a happiness so true. I absolutely cannot wait to see all of the photographs.
Annabella was kind enough to post a sneak peek (as she usually does) and let me borrow the images for my blog as well. I must also thank Jaime Newsome for her support and help that holiday morning. Lastly, I thank my team which included my husband Wayne (hanging the massive modern wedding arch), Kelly, Kristin, Melissa, and Molly. Thank you all for bringing a beautiful close and grand entrance into 2011! If you are reading this now I would also like to thank you for following the musings of a half mother, half wife, half business owner, and the 150% (you need every bit of it) crazy demanding life of a "flower lady". Yes, someone yelled "hey flower lady!" across a parking lot at me on my birthday!
Here's to another year of blessings for all.