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Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Part 3

The final grouping from out Kentucky Derby inspired photo shoot for Southern Bride:
I loved making a floral skirt for our derby table. It reminded me of my competition days in San Francisco where my classmates and I made all manner of wearable flower costumes and accessories for an art gallery. I guess one could say I am getting a lot of experience in that field. Wouldn't mind creating some living blossom hats for a fashion show some day!
The Derby team and I sincerely hope that our inspiration shoots help brides-to-be channel their inner style, their creativity, and their ability to plan of the big day with flourish. Details can be daunting, but when you have the right help and a sense of what you love (or don't love), your wedding will be perfectly you. And dears, that is what inspiration shoots are truly all about.

Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Part 2

The Food!
Ziparo's catering brought in the most delicious feast and since it was a photo shoot... we couldn't touch it for a while! I am including a photo of my favorite layered salad because it is what I ate the most of while feverishly putting flowers together for the lounge. In a horse stall. (I brought a lot of hand wipes)
Then after the lounge session there was one large item I had my eye on. Yes, the Bourbon cake! I wanted to take the entire thing home until I had hiccups for a week (alcohol cake!) but alas, I brought two slices home for me and my husband and we vowed to get another one some day because it was so unusually delicious. I say that because I am a cake purist. I like icing and cake, no need to marinate it in anything. Well I was a cake purist until Ziparo's got ahold of me. So let your mouth water over these photos from Annabella Charles.

PS Did you notice the photos on the wall behind the champagne? They are of horses and family members of our own Clint Sidle from Mahaffey Tent & Party! Champagne Wishes to all!

Southern Bride Magazine: Dream Derby Details Part 1

The newest issue of Southern Bride Magazine is on the stands and here are some of my favorite personal flower photos from the Dream Derby Inspiration Photo Shoot. The planning for a shoot is usually months before the actual images are taken, which is then a few more months before they are published and ready to sell. It seems so surreal to visit these photos again after having to keep them secret for nearly 4 months. It was very difficult not to share when I had so many coral and pink rose loving brides this spring and summer!
My fellow Derby vendors - Each with a stellar reputation in the South:

Annabella Charles Photography
Social Butterflies

Bella Bridesmaid (Dresses by Lula Kate)

Models: ETA , Hair: Karluchi Smith, Makeup: Shelby Willis