February Recap

This month was extremely busy for me and yet full of wonderful opportunities for the coming summer. Since I wasn't able to blog much this month let's have a recap:

First, I am proud to announce that Haute Horticulture is going to be creating the flowers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 40th Anniversary Fundraiser on April 10th and the famous Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis.

Second, after the amazing party "Meet Mahaffey" on Tuesday the 23rd of this month, Haute Horticulture is on the preferred vendor list located on their website: Mahaffey.

Third, there will be a launch party for the Wish Upon a Wedding Tennessee Chapter this summer and I will be involved in the event as well as the chapter. I can't wait to see what the team brings to this worthwhile charity and to Tennessee residents.

Fourth, I have quite a few weddings booked and more than half are to work with the uber fabulous ladies of Social Butterflies for Wedding Season 2010. They have been instrumental in my leap into the heart of the Memphis wedding scene. I really enjoy their creativity, teamwork, and organization. They have already begun blogging about the 5 vignettes, 3 lounges, and other decor from the party this past Tuesday!! Check it out here: Social Butterflies Blog

I am so excited and even a little jittery when I think about all of the wonderful projects and businesses in our area. What an honor to be a part of them! Let's keep a promise to give more, work hard, and showcase what makes the event industry a valuable asset to the area!