In Season: Amaryllis

There is nothing quite like the quadruple trumpeted flowers that pop from the top the long stalk of an amaryllis. They are most abundant in the winter making them all the more lovable in the cold landscape of December and January. I was able to use a bright red variety and give them away as little tokens of affection this Christmas. The best part of giving them away is that you know they will be flowering for another week, giving the recipient a new view of the arrangement every day!

Swanky Seasonal Decor

Every December while people are decorating trees, homes, tables, and parties around the world the same questions come up. What colors am I going to use? What theme am I going to have? Will I get a new set of ornaments or use the same decorations I keep in storage? In the case of Della and Richard's home, Della had a clear vision. She wanted something new, fresh, modern, and with enough "Umph" to make it special for her holiday party. She also had a color theme starting with her Christmas tree in hues of copper, teal, apple, and hint of silver. These colors complimented her home as well.

This house was deserving of arrangements and props that defied gravity and had very hard shapes in soft colors. I included everything! 4 ft vases, hanging glass balls, extra long flowers, and a crystal tree. All of the elements tied in from room to room in a dazzling display of the new floral style.
There was a repetitive theme of ball shapes and you could find them out in the open (flower and moss balls in bowls) or hiding in arrangements. The buffet table boasted 5 mammoth white double peonies in full bloom as part of an arrangement with coordinating flowers. The centerpiece rested under a famous chandelier that Della purchased and embellished herself. You may recognize this as the very same one that hung in the home on the movie "The Firm". I think that is so cool!
Starting with her sleek slate mantle, I shaped long white callas to bow over their vases in a dramatic curve. To retain the original feel of her home we blended the collection that normally occupies the space with the new flowers and the result was asymmetrical and awesome.
Next I mimicked the chic kitchen lighting with a wild arrangement that had 5 aluminum wired tentacles that held glass test tubes. In each tube was a stark white spider mum. I think these polished aluminum vases are so contempo!
Lastly, I could never resist a little bit of organic sculpture, so I made a friend out of flowers and galax leaves for their pet turtle "Sparky" as well as a little area for the floral turtle to live.

There were so many floral touches that my friend Anca and I installed to cause wonder at every turn. Also Anca took a majority of these photos. I thank her for her help Saturday and look forward to seeing photos of the actual event with the lights lower. I also thank Della and Richard for inviting us in their home. What a privilege.

Beautiful Boxwood

When asked to decorate the home of Della and Richard for the holidays and later for their upcoming gathering, I just couldn't resist. Their style is modern and polished and they are fun to work with! Della really wanted to add some holiday cheer outside in the color palate she chose for this year: teal, apple green, copper, and a touch of silver. The boxwood wreaths and wood curl topiaries are only the beginning of what will await the party guests inside the house next weekend. Working with pounds of boxwood an making hand tied wreaths is a skill I truly enjoy using. If I could, I would teach classes for those who share my interest. Perhaps next winter?.... In the meantime I can't wait to blog part 2 of this Contempo Christmas theme with the next phase - fresh flower installation!