Icelandic Pride & The Southern Bride

When Jaime of Social Butterflies first called me to meet with a April and Johann I didn't know a thing about Iceland. Well except the obvious: Bjork. I researched the country and it's landscape, people, and history before designing the first centerpiece. By the time July 24 showed up I was ready to merge Tennessee with Iceland at the Teton Trek at the Memphis Zoo. Of course America has caught up with me a little since the Icelandic volcano became a wonder and nuisance at the same time.

What an experience everyone had last weekend as the couple married next to the Old Faithful-esque geyser in front of the Grand Teton Lodge. Then it was time to party inside. When Johann (groom) first saw the floral version of his Viking shield on the mantle, he gave me the "aww yeah" (universal hand gesture for awesome) and I knew it was a home run.

There were so many details that only someone who knew the couple may truly appreciate. I have always tried to merge good design with something unique that captures the essence of the bride and groom. It was a great compliment when the bride noticed the test tubes incorporated as an homage to her degree in chemistry! I also saw quite a few out of country guests who took photos of the Orange Billed Whooping Swan that is native to Iceland's waters.

The Vendor List:
Social Butterflies (coordination and design)
Brown Baguette (The cake was coconut and DELICIOUS!)
Blue Silk (Kept the crowd dancin' & romancin')
Classic Party Rentals (Tables, linens, and chairs)
A Moveable Feast (Friendly staff & fab food)

Wish Upon a Wedding: Blissful Wishes Ball

Wish Upon a Wedding is growing by leaps and bounds. The next time I blog about this groundbreaking wedding charity, the first and only of it's kind, it will be about our own chapter starting right here in Memphis!

In the mean time there is a lot going on with the numerous cities that have already begun granting wishes. I am talking about the Blissful Wishes Ball. This is a national fundraising event that will have satellite galas in each city with chapters that have launched this year. By November there will be a grand and amazing selection of goods and services, all wedding related, on which people can bid. All of the proceeds go directly to WUW.
If you know anyone or business that is interested in making a difference in the lives of those who have terminal illness and wish to be married this is the time to make that donation! On the flip side, if you are getting married in 2011 and you are already going to hire a fab photographer why not see if there is one available on the auction listing? I am really hoping there will be items that one could not even put a price on, such as a national magazine with a wedding photo spread guaranteed to the highest bidder. How cool would that be?

Here's the detailed information:

Donate to the Blissful Wishes Ball
Learn More about Wish Upon a Wedding
A WUW Couple's Story

The Nature of Love: Kate and Spencer - Part 2

Kate's love of flowers (especially hydrangeas) and eclectic decor coupled with Spencer's love of music and nature gave their guests good times for all the senses. Everyone feasted on food nearly too pretty to eat from Club Windward Catering and the beat never stopped thanks to The Memphis Soul Revue. MSR had so much funk the band even got people to dance to a Coldplay song. I had no idea that was possible! I must also say that the Lichterman Nature Center staff especially the site coodinator Bobbi was so helpful and on their game. What a clean and well planned facility!

Later as I was clearing up the wedding site that Kate (my assistant - same name as the bride) and I had earlier installed, the birds and insects serenaded me at sunset. For floral staff there is often a peace after such demanding nuptial schedules. In the silence and scattered rose petals you know that the couple is married, dancing, and surrounded by loved ones and that you were a part of their journey towards new beginnings together.
...Or perhaps it was the Sudafed talking since I had a summer cold. ;)
Either way nature and love are two things that help my business thrive, allow me to create, and keep me energized so I embrace them as much as possible. Make time to take a walk outside and hold some one's hand if you are lucky enough...

The Nature of Love: Kate and Spencer - Part 1

One of the most rewarding things about wedding flowers is when the bride and groom genuinely love your work. After I spent the day and night at the Lichterman Nature Center working watching Kate and Spencer's entire wedding day unfold, they made it a point to tell me how much I was appreciated. That, my friends, made everything worth it even more.

I could probably write and entire blog entry about the oil painting Kate made herself. The artwork, coupled with the greenery of the nature center, and all of our decor brought their motif together beautifully. See for yourself!
Oh, and those silver shoes!!!


Love & Tulips Part 2: The Wedding

I am always ready to try new things. When Brooke and Josh (and Paula the bride's mother) gave the "OK" to Jeff Leatham style wedding flowers I was ready for the challenge. The results: Beauty... and a whole new respect for Jeff Leatham. Whew!
Here are the pics from the day by Creation Studios and all the lovely tulips in their glory!

Love & Tulips Part 1: Pink & Orange at the Country Club

Joshua and Brooke now reside in Nashville, but pulled off a fabulous wedding and reception in Memphis this May. How? It's all relative! Thanks to their family and fab coordinators they were able to get the vendors that saw their vision. When I met with the mothers of the bride and groom before the wedding I began to realize that the colors themselves were the theme of the day and created arrangements that reinforced the theme (a far cry from the adjectives I usually hear; vintage, seaside, candy sweet). Thus, the resulting bold orange and pink drapes, cakes, and tulips were as abundant as the good times had by all attending guests. So I shall take a backseat and let most of the photos by Creation Studios speak for themselves.
There are a few back stories for the blog - one of which was their ice sculpture of a daschund Doggie. It was a beloved family pet and that was another new idea for me. Michelle of
Social Butterflies, the coordinating and designing team for the event, took a hilarious photo of Brooke giving the poochie a kiss. Also, since we knew Josh was a golfer in Nashville my team created a full floral golf bag on wheat grass. The only non floral items of the display were tees, clubs, and a ball. Thanks for going to the pro shop last minute for those perfect touches Kristin!

Lastly I heard that there were a few guests who had invited their friends (on their cell phones)to come see the designs and flowers. I took that as the ultimate compliment!
One final mention for my floral wholesaler (you know who you are) who got the nearly 1200 tulips so fresh that I had not a worry in the world when all 7 bridesmaids and the bride carried them around for over 3 hours. Not a single bloom popped open; as older tulips tend to do in the intense heat. There were even a few typical florist's summer "no-no's" like tulip boutonnieres for the groom and ring bearer, and a bride's bouquet of 30 two feet long french tulips! WOW!

Moonshine Lighting

Featured in: July 2 Commercial Appeal Newspaper

This morning Haute Horticulture was featured in the Commercial Appeal Newspaper for an article about summer parties. The photos are from our recent Summer Garden Glow Wedding at the Dixon. For more images just scroll down to my past blog entries.
Special thanks to Michelle Hope, Jaime Newsome, and Addie McGowan of Social Butterflies for the article and Annabella Brandon of Asian Bees Photography for the photos! What a great way to start the day!

See the full article here: