Bottled Beauty: A Table Scape for The Pink Toast

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this past week I was a guest blogger on The Pink Toast. Annabella Brandon and I put together a mini shoot with a DIY theme just for their readers and it was such and honor to be a part of The Pink Toast blog! The primary inspiration was Martha Stewart Living Magazine August 2010. Martha will always be the queen of DIY and inspiration to me.

I will let the links speak for themselves but I must share some of my favorite colorful photos, as it was truly difficult for Annabella and I to keep them to ourselves these last few weeks!

Special thanks to Christine Traulich who put this story together so seamlessly and gave the project the perfect name: Bottled Beauty.


Premier Bride 2010 Fall/Winter: Magazine Shots

Here are the pages from the most recent issue of Premier Bride, but that's not the only feature for Haute Horticulture. Stay tuned for a few more posts with extras from the articles and their brides and vendors.

Premier Bride 2010 Fall/Winter: Southern Peach

The long anticipated new issue of Premier Bride is out today and I can't wait to share of my favorite pages from the magazine. Let's begin today's post with Southern Peach. Now Annabella of Asian Bees Photography really blew my mind when she sent me the photos from this day at Hunt Phelan. We all worked so very well together to design and bring this theme to life. I couldn't be happier that the feature is in the first few pages of the magazine and that it printed so well. Almost all of the photos were good enough for publication, so I want to share the pics we didn't choose, but are still inspiring.

A special thank you to Stevie from Premier Bride Magazine who was there from the morning until the very last vase was in my car! Thanks for all of the help with the day's busy schedule.
See the entire magazine online here: Premiere Bride 2010 Fall/Winter

Credits for this day:
Photography: Asian Bees Photography (soon to be Annabella Charles)
Coordinator: Amy Miller
Modeling: ETA Memphis
Makeup: Shelby Willis
All Dresses: Ballew Bridal
Tux: American Tuxedo
Stationary: Lemon Tree Paper (Mrs. Post)
LocationL Hunt Phelan Inn

Mrs. Post Open House

August 5 was the Open House for the Grand Opening of Mrs. Post; a new store for custom invitations, luxury paper goods, and the perfect accessories for all occasions. The open house was hosted by the owners Lindsey Cross and Natalie Chang with the help of Michelle Hope of Social Butterflies. The evening looked like Martha Stewart meets Amy Atlas as we sipped posh fizzies and ate sublime cupcakes, surrounded by the designer creations in the shop.

Annabella Brandon was there to take the most colorful and delicious photos of the evening!!!
I was so proud to be a small part of this day. A nifty idea I came up with: Using mailboxes (re-colored to match the store) for vases. They sat proudly on the ends of the sweets buffet!

Mrs. Post: Chickasaw Oaks 3092 Poplar Ave #10

The Floating Swan

After the Icelandic wedding I brought home the swan that I had made mostly of Lily petals and orchids. Our neighborhood has a large pond and I had a good feeling that "Svana" (Icelandic female baby name that translates to swan) would be buoyant with her foam and plastic base.

Sure enough my neighbor Monica, who had come and helped with the wedding as well, was present as my husband put Svana in the lake and off she went. Well not really at first. She kind of hovered around and just as we were all talking and ignoring her she set off for the deep water.
It was a great photo op and after spending 2 days in the pond she drifted close enough for me to catch her on Monday. Still looked pretty good too! I was expecting the worst.
Perhaps later in the year I will do a poolside wedding with some other great themed floaters. They are my newest obsession after Svana's success!