Your Wedding Day Magazine & The SFDWG 2010

Last year just 2 days before I moved from California to Memphis, instead of packing I was running around San Francisco and 1 Fort Mason at a launch party for the San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway 2010. How could I not? Liz Guthrie (the founder) is a dear friend with a HUGE charitable vision. It was such a great night and as a gift to the event and team I fashioned 3 tables with designs and flowers I was sure no one had seen before. The most prominent was the replica of the logo Astrid Mueller had created for the national Contest.

With the help of my husband and Monica ( and later Krystan and Sean) we set up a grand 8 ft table sized Golden Gate Bridge of flowers, wood, Ethereal Decor crystals, and lights (and a few of my son's matchbox cars). The results are something I am still very proud of.

I found this article last week after purchasing YWD magazine in a local craft store. The funny part of the story is that after I ooohed and aaahed over the entire gloriously crafted magazine shoots and wished I could have been a part of it I reached page 180. There was a story about the contest, Liz, the winning couple, and the sponsors. What a great way to find photos you didn't even know had been published! Thanks to Lilia Ahner, the shots used truly captured the essence of the evening and all the details of that unique table. I am including a sketch so you can see behind the scenes of what things look like when I try and explain them to clients and coordinators. I think I was spot on.
Three Cheers for the winning couple, their new married lives together, and my dear friend Liz who gave them all of this by creating such a wonderful contest! In case you didn't know, she also founded a
national charity after feeling the need to marry ALL of the heartwarming contest non-winners. Memphis chapter is in the works so stay tuned...

Garden Wedding at the Dixon Gallery Part 3: Outdoor Tent

This tent deserved it's own post. Clint and the Mahaffey team outdid themselves once again! I was honored enough to have one of his crew members hang my delicate fresh Mokara and Cymbidium orchid chandelier over the dance floor in the clear tent at Karen and Glen's reception. It felt like putting a star on a Christmas tree.

Thank you Mahaffey! And thank you Asian Bees for some ethereal photos of the day before the sun set.

PS Cigar Anyone?

Garden Wedding at the Dixon Gallery Part 2: Indoor Room

This post continues the celebration of Karen and Glen, a couple that gave me the creativity to make this reception so dreamy and taught me the exact Hot Orange of a Kubota Tractor. "Kubota Orange" as I will forever be calling the Cartegena Roses used, was one of the focal colors in the arrangements, linens, and draping in the clear tent. It was accented by coppery orchids and warm mercury glass vases. What a refreshing combination! Social Butterflies, Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals, CFY Catering, and Moonshine Lighting did another fab job as a team on this long hot day. We all sweat but did not complain. Not a single member of my team told me how many bugs they encountered or how hot they were. Thank you Wayne, Kate, Kristin, Melissa, Molly, and Latasha for your tireless efforts. You deserve a lot of credit.
Annabella Brandon stopped by just before the guests started making their way down the Dixon's famous garden paths. In her usual glowing vibrant magic way, she translated our hard day's work into pixels of splendor. These photos are the inside room at the Dixon Garden.

Some of my favorite photos by Asian Bees Photography include:

Garden Wedding at the Dixon Gallery Part 1

A wonderful thing about coming back to Memphis is that even though I am not new to the area per say, each venue is new to me. This was the first Haute Horticulture wedding and reception at the Dixon Gallery and Garden. It is beautiful, the staff is so accommodating, and the flora and fauna is perfectly maintained.
Our bride chose to avoid the hottest part of the day by having an early morning wedding and a 7pm reception. We kept the colors in lighter shades of yellow, peach, green, and cream for the A.M ceremony and vamped it up later around sunset. Delicious details include a sculpted petal aisle, a natural willow arch, and petal cones on the chair backs.

This will have to be a two part entry because there are so many wonderful photos and stories to share. The photos you see here were taken mostly by one of my assistants Kristin Wolter. I forgot my camera in all the sunrise packing. The morning team included my husband Wayne, Kate, Kristin, and a new member Latasha. We constructed everything on site for a one of a kind garden arch and stunning backdrop to a wedding.
I must also mention that this was a
Social Butterflies production as well as a Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals construction. I love working with them both.
Enjoy the most fragrant arch of tuberose, hydrangea, garden roses, stock, scented geranium leaf, and peonies!

Haute Horticulture Shines in Contest

Recently the company Ethereal Decor had a contest and I happened upon the results while looking at their stunning inventory. It seems that Haute Horticulture was 2nd only to an event that was featured on Platinum Weddings. If I had known I was up against an existing TV show entry for best use of their real crystal strands and products, I may have thought twice about entering our stunning photos from Amethyst and Paul's jewel toned wedding. But it turns out our photo is featured on the front page (with proper credits soon to follow).

Ethereal Decor is the best source for real Swarovski crystals, drops, and chains. I use them primarily for my arrangements and chandeliers. One might worry about leaking and industry secret, but after their feature on the WE network's Platinum Weddings I don't think it's a secret anymore.

What an honor. Thanks Ethereal Decor!!


As Featured on Style Me Pretty

Before I could even blog about this event, it was the cover feature on Style Me Pretty, one of the premier national wedding blogs! I am over-the-moon excited that our 'Miami Chic in Memphis' rooftop engagement party was not only a success, but shared to thousands of brides and viewers within 5 days of the event.

This is the team that made it happen:

The Romanow Family

I will post some of the gorgeous mouth watering photos from Annabella Brandon of Asian Bees Photography next week, but for now almost the entire gallery is on Style Me Pretty, Click Here to see!!!