The Bold and the Beautiful: Red and Teal

Courtney and Hal were married last weekend and their wedding colors grew on me each day I came down to my vibrant workshop. Everyone who saw the flowers made a comment and it dawned on me that bold colors work so well in the winter when the leaves are gone and we crave those hot tones.

Michelle from Social Butterflies chose all of the details and I really fell in love with the use of Black and White all around the wedding and reception. In a future post I will show the professional photos of the personal flowers. They were so vivid, I can't wait!
Congratulations Courtney and Hal!

Wedding Wands

Photo: Creation Studios Design By: Social Butterflies

Photo: Terry Way Photography

Rice is no longer the proper way to send off today's brides and grooms. One of the best alternatives I have seen is wedding wands. The wands are easy to craft yourself or purchase online and provide just the right amount of flare at the day's end with minimal mess. I have spent my share of time picking rose petals out of wedding and reception grounds to know that most florists, vendors, and venues shy away from them (even though they are very beautiful and romantic) unless a couple is willing to pay for the clean up. Enjoy some photos of two brides who have incorporated these clever keepsakes!
If you are looking for a great place to purchase try
Here's a colorful set by Romancing Juliet on Etsy.

To Wreath or Not to Wreath?

Of all the floral designs wreaths are one of my favorites. I LOVE wreaths of all shapes and sizes as well as the various ways to present them. Whether on a door or from a hook (and everything in between) I am always happy to oblige a floral ring loving bride. Here is the most recent pair at Central Church in Memphis. The staff there couldn't be more accommodating and will let you adorn their building with flowers. Music to my ears!

As Featured on The Wedding Chicks

Today the Radonich Ranch photo shoot was featured on The Wedding Chicks Blog. I am so honored to be a part of the amazing team that day. Couldn't have done it without the following people:
Monica Kau - my partner in Floral Design
She now has her own business in San Jose:
Photographer: Chyna Darner
Marky Carr of Vignette Events
Amburlee Price: Makeup
Robin Densten Recapture Vintage Designs

A Sneak Peek: Sonia and Rudy

When I first met Sonia she was so trusting of my skills, as well as gracious and understanding. I will never forget her attitude towards the entire wedding process and the amazing guidance and help that Georgia and Alisa from Club Windward gave her and me. This is a sneak peek of her backyard as it was transformed into a night at a California vineyard
(taken by my very unprofessional camera).

Rentals, Linens, Lights, and Tents By: Classic Party Rental

Pink and Purple

According to a recent survey of professionals all over the country by Preston Bailey, the color of choice for brides continues to be purple. So in the spirit of purple I offer a table scape designed by myself and Michelle Hope of Social Butterflies. The linens and rentals were provided by Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals. Enjoy!

October in Memphis

This past October was a busy month for Haute Horticulture. The autumn flowers were awesome and in high demand. Here is a look at some of the show stoppers bursting with color. I call this the 'tour of buckets' on our Facebook fan page.