Fun with Light

Most of the time floral designers and wedding coordinators spend a bit of effort convincing a bride that the money she invested in lush flowers and interesting detail will go to waste if the venue doesn't have good lighting. With that in mind, this small cocktail centerpiece is one of the few that look better in the dark. What you may notice in the photo is that there still no true substitute for hired spot lighting and up-lighting because the rose is still in the shadows. I just liked the way the crystal and light outline the shape of a beautiful red petals. This was made for my cousin to give to a friend. I thought I'd share this little abstract idea for the week ahead.

Inspiration Board: Golden Garden Roses

As promised I have a small inspiration board for the golden garden roses in the bouquet of the week. I used the same variety on a metal fashion form and the results are as sweet and feminine as the roses themselves. I wish garden roses were a little more hearty so I could use them in abundance for brides, but their delicate nature is part of the allure and rarity that makes them so very special.

Bouquet of the Week: Golden Garden Roses

I am not ashamed that roses were on the top of my favorite wedding flower list when I first started planning my own event. And why not? They are available most of the year, have a great fragrance, and are beautiful yet inexpensive. What is most amazing about roses is the huge variety that is in the world today and how every color, texture, and size is unique. Today's bi-weekly feature is made with local golden yellow roses, freesia, stock, and a personal favorite; garden roses. These delicate beauties are packed with petals and when I work with them I wonder, "Is this what heaven smells like?". Enjoy the bouquet that is as fragrant as it it lovely! A matching golden rose inspiration board is in the works for this coming week...


A Japanese Master: Keiko Okada

Keiko Okada was a featured florist at this year's AIFD conference and show in Kansas City. She was able to stop by San Francisco and to our humble school auditorium for a Sunday morning demonstration of her work and her style. She is Cheif Designer at the Mami Flower Design School of Japan. My attitude towards floral art will forever be changed by this amazing experience. I am so grateful that my friend Monica was generous enough to give me a ticket to the show.
Keiko uses all natural objects as mechanics, often splitting bamboo and other harder materials to create a natural and minimalist design that still commands a large presence. Here are some photos of the show. I am so inspired! I hope you are too.

Above, a tree is split and placed in a vessel of water with no other mechanic to hold it upright.

Here Keiko is using unopened chopsticks to extend the sides of a glass vase.

This is one of my favorites; a floating island of wildflowers that spins in the water if you touch it.

This is also so simple in its beauty, a vessel that is entirely interlocking parts and reminiscent of a boat.

Fruit Topiary

I could just eat this beautiful and nearly 4 foot fruit and flower topiary that was made this week in my studio. This giant cone is composed of ball and informal dahlias, roses, clementine oranges, ranier cherries, a few alstomeria, palm tree berries, pom pon mums, and some boxwood. The form was handmade "old school" style from chicken wire. If I wanted to be truly traditional I would have simply packed it with moss as well. I love topiaries (especially live plant topiaries) almost as much as wreaths! Enjoy the bounty of summer in the colors of fall. Autumn is not too far away!

In Season: Blue Hydrangea

It is time to start another new feature that I have been posting for a while but didn't have an official name. The feature In Season starts off with one of the best blooms of summer; Blue Hydrangea. Thanks to local growers this boisterous bunch of flowers can be very affordable and bring arrangement costs down. It's bold, big, bountiful in July, and it's a beautiful BLUE!

This centerpiece was made for my dear friend Karina. Her daughter is now 4 and had a party to celebrate with her friends. Happy Birthday Alyssa!!

-XOXO Karin

Lantana In My Garden

Lantana is such an interesting plant with an even more fascinating flower. It's all over California in suburban yards but is new to me because I am not a native to the area. The large flowers actually consist of many tiny flowers clustered together in intricate and unique patterns. My son and I are both in love with the Lantana bushes in our backyard and I wanted to share a photo of the vibrant pink, orange, and yellow blooms.

Bouquet of the Week: Pink Ginger

Our Bi-weekly feature goes asymmetrical with this pink ginger bouquet. It's different, but I had to try it after being inspired by a Spring wedding magazine photo. For an accent I used a dash of fiddle head fern and a matching chocolate ribbon. Ginger is fragrant, hearty, and unique for the bride that is looking for a stand out bouquet for herself or her bridesmaids. Ginger will also work well in a tropical themed wedding. Enjoy!

Meet Linda from Wink Photography

I'd like to start a new feature on the blog to highlight some of the talented people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with during my events.

The first photographer that I met this year is the super friendly and talented Linda Ozaki from Wink Photography. She took these (and many more) stellar shots from the Mad Hatter Tea Party in March of 09'. We made an instant connection and she was able to get me comfortable enough to pose for head shots in May. That's not easy to do!

About Wink:

Wink Photography’s distinctive style is fresh and modern with a trace of Nostalgia. Emphasis is put on creating genuine images that tell your unique story. My philosophy is simple…capture moments that matter!

And Linda does just that. She is a Santa Cruz resident with a super chef for a husband and a love for cats that makes me proud. Linda is down to earth and easygoing, but still hyper focused on her work. How does she do it? To find out give her a call for anything from maternity shots to head shots, family portraits, and of course weddings and events.

Thank you Linda for making the world a better place with your work and my website full of fabulous floralscapes!

4 Centerpieces: 4 Prices

When consulting with brides I often encounter a few contradictions that need the perfect solution. One such issue is the price. The centerpiece cannot be over a certain dollar amount (or size or shape or theme) but must be beautiful and creative. In the words of Michael Daigian, "Anything multiplied by 20 or 30 becomes the largest item on the budget and as such must be exactly what the clients expect". I couldn't agree more and on this blog I love to post samples from actual client meetings. Samples give everyone an opportunity to see the products in person that take up a majority of their event budget.
Here are four samples that Monica and I came up with in the studio that are cost effective, have visual interest, follow the wedding theme, are the right color, and fit in the space that is allotted. What an interesting project it was for us to brainstorm and create these orange/copper arrangements.

The images below have "$" symbols to indicate how expensive they are to purchase. One $ is the most affordable and four $$$$ cost the most.





Ring Around the Table

It is no secret that I love wreaths. I don't know why, but I feel that they can be used in so many forms to decorate uniquely. This week I arranged a ring of hydrangea, lavender, a few roses, and dahlias to create this lovely table wreath. In the center is a cloche glass dome with a single dahlia bloom on a glass stand. It rises above the wreath and can be used as a table center or multipurpose decoration after the wreaths are taken down from a church door or gate. This economy makes double uses for flower a must and I love coming up with creative ways to do just that. Enjoy the Ring Around the Table inspiration boards!

Bouquet of the Week

This week's feature bouquet is made almost entirely of popcorn hydrangea. I was at the market and couldn't resist the impulse purchase because popcorn hydrangea are extremely seasonal flowers available for a couple of glorious weeks in June. Sprigs of lavender were used to compliment the fun purple popcorn blooms. This was probably the most calming bouquet I have ever made thanks to the lavender. It was a strong fragrance, but could prove very useful for a stressed bride!

About Hydrangea: Hydrangea is probably not the flower of choice for most summer bouquets. The mass of tiny florets on a hydrangea head require so much water that they are prone to dehydrate faster than most other blooms. If someone were to use a hydrangea bouquet for their wedding I would suggest another heartier bouquet as a backup. I have seen some beautiful hydrangea bouquets turn to floppy pom poms (like a cheerleader) within 2 hours.