Love in Lace: Radonich Ranch Part 4

Without spilling too many photos of the vintage looks created by the team at Radonich Ranch, I can't help but show some more soft and wistful images. This vignette is partly a table scape that reflects some of the amazing lace tablecloths and blankets that Robin now has in her antique store/bridal boutique. I love the colors and the feeling I get from the images in a story board.
(This collection also features a full yet delicate cascade bouquet. This is something that is certain to keep showing up in future bridal trends for 2010 and possibly beyond. I already have brides asking for shapes that are less "round" and more textured.)

My hope is that this inspires the brides out there who are ready to cut their wedding from the cloth of vintage and the still enjoy comforts of our modern world.

Sugar Country: Radonich Ranch Part 3

This next set of photos from the Radonich Ranch series is just too sweet not to post. The model is so naturally beautiful in the vintage dress and hand tied and natural bouquet. Whenever I hear brides say they want their bouquet to look like it was "hand picked on their way through a meadow", this is what I visualize. Most floral work in weddings can be so structured and this is a truly serene contrast.

In events and photo shoots, typically the more natural and loose a hairstlye or dress or floral arrangement looks, the more skill it took to create. Amburlee Price proves this when she created this hair updo that looks so perfectly easy and flowing but I assure you I could never do this in hours with my own hair! Hairstylists are just one part of the magic that happens when you hired trusted professionals to make all your event details look seamless and effortless.

Dusty Pinks: Radonich Ranch Part 2

When Monica and I started creating the flowers for this shoot we wanted to capture the softness and beauty of dusty pinks and all of the shades in a hydrangea at the end of the season. This bouquet perfectly embodies the fabulous range of the hydrangea itself as it also brings so much detail out of the other flowers. I enjoy photos shoots because there are no limits on the creativity or whimsy of a moment. Model Anastasiya looked so free and happy standing barefoot and yet I would have never done such a thing when I was a bride myself!

Again I must mention that these photos are so true to the day because of Chyna Darner's talent.

Radonich Ranch Photo Shoot is Here!

I received the most wonderful DVD in the mail from Chyna Darner this week! I will feature a montage every other day of this amazing photo shoot at Radonich Ranch. It started with a sunny day that was soon filled with happy vendors and models (as well as honey bees) buzzing around the property getting made up and dressed, setting up props, posing, and photographing. I had such a great time I didn't want to leave!

This is the first session of the day inspired by the vintage dresses of Robin from Recapture Vintage Bridal Designs and my grandmother's peach cameo. Hair and makeup was by the talented Amburlee Price and hosting by the exclusive event coordinator of Radonich Ranch, Marky Carr. Working on all florals along side me was Monica Kau from Signature Bloom.

As Seen In: The Flirty Guide

The Flirty Guide reported on the San Francisco Dream wedding giveaway earlier in October and I must have missed Stacie Tamaki's awesome recap of the evening's events on October 6 at 1 Fort Mason. It was so surprising to see my Golden Gate Bridge in the article, as well as my Pink Rock table and my beloved mentor Nancy Liu Chin setting up her mouth watering popcorn display. These photos remind me of my dear friends in San Francisco and San Jose. I am sure they are going full steam ahead into the holiday hustle and bustle of The City by the Bay.

Liz Guthrie's San Francisco Dream Wedding Giveaway 2010 is nearing the closing date for entries. No matter where you live in the U.S. if you are getting married and have a good story to share, why not enter?

Here is a photo from The Flirty Guide blog! Thanks Stacie!! It was so great to meet you!


Bouquet of the Week: Amethyst in White

What a magnificent way to end my wedding season in the Bay Area of California. Amethyst and Paul are a kind, gracious, and generous couple, and I wish them the best in their new lives together. Here is a set of photos that just came to me from S&J Photo Creation. I can't wait to share all of the details on my website this winter. Until then, here is the latest Bouquet of the Week. Enjoy!

Bough Frau

Loosely translated into "tree branch lady" the woman behind Bough Frau is more than just a maven of nature's bounty. Nikki Pham is opening a storefront in Galena, IL this weekend as well as a website that helps us decorate our homes and lives. New businesses are so exciting to me and with a slogan like, "Embrace Your Space" how can one resist the temptation to do just that with dried naturals, wreaths, and German themed decor. As Bough Frau grows and prospers, I will give updates on this exciting new store. Both Wreaths and Nikki are dear to my heart!

New Beginnings

It has been a while since my last blog post and I assure you I have been both hard at work and extremely busy with the move to Tennessee. The last month in the San Francisco area was a wild one with photo shoots, weddings, and parties galore. I cannot wait to share all of the fabulous pics with you! The DVD's are soon to be rolling into my mailbox with photographs galore by some of the best in The Biz of the Bay Area. Since the pro photos are in transit, I will instead share a photo from the inside of my new home. We have chosen a "fixer-upper" in the form of a beautiful and semi-famous log home in Arlington, TN that used to be know as The Lodge at Hickory Withe. Perhaps the family will come up with an updated name for out little piece of history. More details to come as I unpack all of Haute Horticulture's treasured inventory and organize it into the new studio located underneath the lodge...