Special Delivery

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone feels a little extra special this weekend.

When I was in elementary school I couldn't wait for this holiday. It not only gave me an excuse to load up on those chalky but tasty candy hearts, but also gave me a chance to pass out and collect those adorable little valentines that are made just for children. I would try and stuff as many candies as my mother would let me into the tiny envelopes for all of my friends and classmates and then make a special mailbox for all of the valentines I hoped to receive in return. I vividly remember having a crush on a boy and hand picking the messages that his candy hearts spelled out before I put them in his valentine. I'm sure he had no clue!
On a personal note: My husband just gave me an early present tonight that was a total surprise. Apparently my favorite movie of all time has been out of print for 3 years and he drove an hour each way to get me a copy. How sweet! I'll have to save the best candy hearts (with the best love phrases) for his valentine!
So now onto the "Special Deliveries". As you know this is a blog about life in the flower biz, some personal commentary, and lessons learned. I delivered 5 arrangements today and I learned so much from staying up all night and working on my orders. Sometimes it's so wonderful to be in the zone and work alone with your flowers and other times you just need some sleep. I'm not exactly sure when my mood switched from the first to the second, but needless to say I will probably not make as many deliveries next year. Whew! My mother, husband, cousin, son, and I are all exhausted from my morning's insane delivery schedule.
That said, I filled some very beautiful vases with different interpretations of what this weekend means to the men that ordered them and what they wanted for their companions. I love the diversity! Thank you to Sean, Eric, Emery, and Joe for ordering these fun fleurs for their special someones. The name of the red roses above are Latin Lady. The purple roses above are Avante Garde. Very fitting names! Enjoy...