Bouquets to Art 2009

What a night! The mist fell upon the de young in San Francisco as all of the students nervously prepped their models in the back room. Then we got the signal to enter the main lobby area that had been converted from a spacious museum to an evening of food, wine, art, and flowers! The models all lined up and took to the stairs so they could be seen from below by the crowd (and us nervous students that made their costumes). What fun it was to be a part of the opening night gala for the week long Bouquets to Art 2009. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fundraiser where big names in the floral community interpret an art piece into a floral arrangement. There were 150 entries this year and the student competition, in my eyes, brought youth and excitement to the night's events. How amazing it felt to walk among all of the elite with our dresses and accessories - being photographed and asked about our work! I loved it. Even though I did not place in the competition I would do it again in a heartbeat. Now I MUST thank Wayne, my mother, Sonia (my tireless, gorgeous, hilarious, fun, creative, upbeat model and friend) and Jenny, my mentor at school. They encouraged me to do this even though it made them all work hard right along with me the entire week. Thank you for letting me create the wacky "Mondrian Parasol" and Sonia thank you for holding it on the stairs (yes, it was a tad heavy) in your Manolo heels! You are a strong woman.

There are so many photos I want to share and I have to give a huge bravo to my fellow competitors who did an outstanding and flawless job of creating some very haute couture out of the most tender and delicate flowers.

The article
This photo from the SF Gate Newspaper really shows how many people were looking up at the models from the stairs. They must have been overwhelmed! I can see myself next to my husband with my hands on my face with nerves. LOL!