Lemon Drop Dahlias

It's no secret that I love candy. Perhaps that is why I use it in floral designs and inspiration boards all the time. Love, like candy and flowers, is sweet! I think candy buffets, soda stations, chocolate tasting tables, and all the like are fabulous additions to any wedding or reception. I noticed at a recent wedding that the candy buffet we set up was most appreciated at the end of the night. It kept dancing guests energized and gave them something to snack on after the food was no longer available. Of course, nothing is better that well made wedding cake, but these additional sweets will only enhance any celebration!

That said, I offer a sweet centerpiece that is a bit unique. As a designer I am constantly trying new shapes, sizes, and mediums. The dahlias and rose petals look a bit lamp-like with a candy lemon drop filled acrylic post. This would be funky for a cocktail area especially if I decided to light them from within. Enjoy!