Sugar Country: Radonich Ranch Part 3

This next set of photos from the Radonich Ranch series is just too sweet not to post. The model is so naturally beautiful in the vintage dress and hand tied and natural bouquet. Whenever I hear brides say they want their bouquet to look like it was "hand picked on their way through a meadow", this is what I visualize. Most floral work in weddings can be so structured and this is a truly serene contrast.

In events and photo shoots, typically the more natural and loose a hairstlye or dress or floral arrangement looks, the more skill it took to create. Amburlee Price proves this when she created this hair updo that looks so perfectly easy and flowing but I assure you I could never do this in hours with my own hair! Hairstylists are just one part of the magic that happens when you hired trusted professionals to make all your event details look seamless and effortless.


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