Candied Watermelon: Bouquet of the Week

This week at school the flowers were all in hues of green and pink. As you can see from the competition piece on my last blog entry they are a fun and scrumptious combination. The bouquet of the week was made yesterday and even though I don't use carnations typically in bouquets, this one works somehow! I think it's innocent, fun, fragrant, and most of all delicious. If one was opposed to carnations, this would easily be ramped up with some roses or plush peonies.

The accompanying inspiration board is just for kicks. I have never personally seen a watermelon themed wedding, but it actually sounds unique. Everyone loves fruit and this could be a new trend in the eco-weddings; complete with centerpieces in watermelon halves! I love it!


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  2. I have browsed your site for some color inspiration for the past week. What school do you attend, may I ask? I'm just curious because you mention "competition" often, but I have no idea what kind of class that is.

    floral-enthusiast Kim

  3. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for following the blog. Competition class is a part of the Floristry Degree at City College of San Francisco. The class helps students think in abstract ways when designing arrangaments; especially for floral competitions. There is a large student competition happening at the AIFD show in Kansas City this July. I participated this March in the floral competition at the de young museum SF and this class was helpful when I created a rose covered parasol inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. I highly encourage you to check out their floral/horticulture program even if flowers are a hobby or a career path. It is wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the reply Karin!