Sneak Peek: Escort Card Table

I have started the pre wedding work for this weekend and one of the fun reception elements is made from my best friend: Mood Moss. This goddess of greens is a tad dirty to work with, but once groomed and cleaned it feels and looks like a soft emerald stuffed teddy bear. Just like everything else in the floral market, the moss comes out of the box unkempt. I just love to uncover each clump to primp and polish!
Photographed above is a preview of the escort card table for the Irish-Italian wedding. The long box has almost 16 square feet of moss and boasts 400 corks all lovingly tied together with sage colored raffia.
This wedding should not disappoint with surprise elements that the bride and groom have carefully crafted into their special day. I just can't wait to see it all come together!