The 101st Post on the Petal Press

When I started this blog I honestly didn't know where it would lead. I still find an endless amount of flower and event related topics to share and it seems even more so after my transition to Memphis TN. What has made this possible is friends and family. I cannot say this enough. When starting a business, support is key. As I see Haute Horticulture grow, it shows how much love and help I have really received.

As is customary every New Year one makes resolutions and plans for a happy future. This week after meeting clients for the 2010 wedding season I have also started the remodel to office and studio under our Log Cabin. I can't wait work in a space designed just for Haute Horticulture!

Other plans include collaborating with exceptional Mid South event planners and vendors this year. There is excitement in the air over all the new ideas and inspiration that will be generated by our hard work. As always, I will spotlight the best of the best ideas and people I love to work with in the coming months. Thank you for reading and being a part of something so dear to me. 2010 season here we come!


Row 1:

Kevin Chin

Gabriela Reid

Nancy Liu Chin

Liz Guthrie

Amy Frugoli

Astrid Mueller

Row 2:

Aditya, Kiren, Karina, Rudy, and Sonia

Row 3:

Rudy, Wayne, Karina, Aditya, Kiren, Krystan, Liz, Monica, Eric, and Sean

Monica Kau


  1. Aw Karin, thanks for including me in your list of "friends". I so wish we were able to do more events together before you moved to TN, but I am grateful for getting to know you at all :) You are going to be an incredible force to be reckoned with in the floral biz. I am following your work...keep it up. I am SURE we will collaborate again in the future!!!