Meet Lilia Ahner

In San Francisco two days before I moved to Tennessee I had the pleasure of meeting Lilia Ahner at the Mixer for the SF Dream Wedding Giveaway. She is the official photographer for the contest and the $100,000 wedding that is given to a lucky couple.

I saw her walking around that night in October (and knew her name on the wedding circuit) so didn't want to interrupt her work as she shot frame after frame. I am so grateful she introduced herself because I may have been to nervous to bother her! With her red streaked hair and friendly smile she said she wished Haute Horticulture was around when she got married because she loved the Punk Rock Table theme I had created. That made my month!!!
Last night I was contacted by a fan of Rock and Roll Bride as she had seen the photos of the Punk Table on Lilia's Web Site. I had no idea (shame on me)! The photos were linked as part of a "Thursday Treats" segment on the Rock and Roll Bride site. What an honor!

If you are looking for a photographer in the Bay Area and have a rebel heart and rock attitude, then Lilia is your girl. Truth be told, it you are looking from any location Lilia is willing to travel worldwide. Now THAT's service! She and her husband Ray make quite a team. With Ray's expertise in shooting rock bands and Lilia's in everything from design to fine art, you have all the bases covered with this dynamic duo. By the By: This month you will find Lilia's work in Grace Ormonde's Blog, and Bird in a Cage Bride. These photos will inspire you These photos will ROCK you
(*prepare for lots of kick ___ music!)

I have a feeling that our paths may cross again, but in the meantime I want to thank Lilia for all she has done for Haute Horticulture. True. Talented. Creative. Lilia.


  1. Karin, thanks so much for your kind words! It was so nice to meet you and wonderful to see your amazing work first hand. I hope we get to work together in the future!