The Floating Swan

After the Icelandic wedding I brought home the swan that I had made mostly of Lily petals and orchids. Our neighborhood has a large pond and I had a good feeling that "Svana" (Icelandic female baby name that translates to swan) would be buoyant with her foam and plastic base.

Sure enough my neighbor Monica, who had come and helped with the wedding as well, was present as my husband put Svana in the lake and off she went. Well not really at first. She kind of hovered around and just as we were all talking and ignoring her she set off for the deep water.
It was a great photo op and after spending 2 days in the pond she drifted close enough for me to catch her on Monday. Still looked pretty good too! I was expecting the worst.
Perhaps later in the year I will do a poolside wedding with some other great themed floaters. They are my newest obsession after Svana's success!