Mrs. Post Open House

August 5 was the Open House for the Grand Opening of Mrs. Post; a new store for custom invitations, luxury paper goods, and the perfect accessories for all occasions. The open house was hosted by the owners Lindsey Cross and Natalie Chang with the help of Michelle Hope of Social Butterflies. The evening looked like Martha Stewart meets Amy Atlas as we sipped posh fizzies and ate sublime cupcakes, surrounded by the designer creations in the shop.

Annabella Brandon was there to take the most colorful and delicious photos of the evening!!!
I was so proud to be a small part of this day. A nifty idea I came up with: Using mailboxes (re-colored to match the store) for vases. They sat proudly on the ends of the sweets buffet!

Mrs. Post: Chickasaw Oaks 3092 Poplar Ave #10


  1. Seeing your beautiful and creative designs makes me HAPPY- and the colors were very happy too! You are SO talented Karin! Keep up the fabulousness that is YOU!