Home for the Holidays

I delivered some party flowers to a home yesterday. I say 'home' because the family has made their house so inviting and warm and have always treated me with kindness and a full heart. I didn't realize I missed them until I saw them again last night. You can see in the photos of this Christmas party set up that any guest would feel instantly welcome and full of delight. It also doesn't hurt that their decor is like a page out of a Pottery Barn catalog (my favorite home store).

I brought in a golden cherub from my personal collection and full white lilies to create a fragrant front door entrance. The buffet table wasn't yet full of the fabulous food from Club Windward Catering, so you must use your imagination, but isn't that what the holidays are about? Seeing beyond the sparkle and opening your heart and mind to give to others and imagine a better, more bountiful year ahead for all.
This entire year has been a blessing to work with flowers and create memories for my clients and with my staff.

Happy Holidays from Haute Horticulture!