Mark & Crystal: Have Fun and Carry On!

All Photographs By: Matthew Michael Photography

Mark and Crystal were married at the end of June in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Looking back at this day I can't believe they have been married half a year. I suspect they have a loving and lively life together. The wedding was certainly anything but boring! With musical boutonnieres (inspired by Fritts Rosenow of SF) and birch tree decor in tow, my assistant Melissa and I got up at the crack of dawn and drove four hours to the church. We were greeted by the zany groomsmen as well as family and church staff. We never felt anything but welcome in the city that wasn't our own.
After the ceremony we found out that the bridal party had gone to a large fountain in the city and had a battle with the Nerf guns that were a groomsmen gift the night before. As a serious bride, I couldn't have imagined such a thing, but the more I thought about it... why not? It's your day right?
The reception kept with the musical theme and was held in a former recording studio. It was almost like a flash mob in the sense that everyone who attended really knew how to dance. No, I mean they could really dance! Some of Crystal and Mark's friends couldn't even stop themselves from swinging to the DJ's test music during the setup as we put the centerpieces on the table! Oh, and I loved the guitar groom's cake.

After spending the day with a couple's closest family and friends, you get to know them even more. Crystal and Mark surrounded themselves with kind and generous people who were so fun loving. There were no frowns that day even when the couple took a detour to the hospital to pin a boutonniere on their grandfather who had fallen ill the night before. You may also notice the bells on the bouquet that have a special meaning to the bride's family. It was a heartfelt, personalized, and happy union an I enjoyed every minute. I hope you enjoy this peek into their new life together.
P.S. I am now a big fan of the Nerf war idea, what hysterical photos!