Hard at Work & the 4 Foot Long Vase

While hard at work for the next event (The Premier Bridal Show January 10 in Memphis) I received some great photos from the hosts of the recently featured Holiday Party. I just had to share this great pic of the 4ft long vase that we filled with crystal deco "ice" beads, submersible lights, and just 5 spider mums for a simple yet impactful arrangement. I loved it! What a great vase to have in my collection now.
Here is another photo of us "Hard at Work" which prompted me to go back into my wedding snapshot archives only to find I don't have enough of these backstage moments. New Year's resolution for Haute Horticulture is: More team photos! Anca is one of a group of people that has helped me along the long road of event installations. If I had the right photos I could blog for hours about the sacrifices and help of others for this business and for me.

Thanks everyone (you know who you are) and let's start 2010 right. It's a New Year!