Spring Recap: Part 1 Family Photos

There was so much going on in my world as well as Haute Horticulture this past month. So much in fact that I wasn't able to blog as often as usual. This is part 1 of my Spring recap.

Asian Bees Photography: Photos with the Family We had the pleasure of having our family portraits taken by Annabella Brandon in March at the Botanic Gardens of Memphis. We had the perfect day with just enough sun through the clouds as our family walked through their fields of Daffodils. I had brought my own bouquet just for kicks and even dressed the 'boys' in coordinating colors and yet my son loved the entire adventure. Annabella had great suggestions and went with whatever the mood called for. The images she captured will be treasured by my family forever.
A large sample of photos was on her blog March 26, and I was tickled pink to be a part of it! Read it here on the Asian Bees Photography Blog.

If you want to know the secret behind this amazing photographer: Annabella is easy going, sweet, visionary, and talented but extremely young for her skills. This blend of knowledge and adventure is the perfect cure for the same old - same old. If you want to know the secret behind her business name, you will have to ask her. :)