Sunny Yellow Wedding

On a sunny day this past Saturday the Haute Horticulture crew and I set up a very happy wedding. The couple Stephanie and Jacob could not have been more adorable and this bold color fit their personality to a tee! The day was a bit hot (and I jokingly say "Haute" too) but when the sun started it's path toward the horizon, the bride and groom were married under the wooden Chuppah hand crafted by Mike, Stephanie's stepfather. I am still kicking myself for not taking photos of that beautiful structure. I also missed the bridesmaids bouquets, the cutest flower girl in a tutu carrying a flower wand, and the bride and groom! - So I will just have to wait patiently for Christen Jones to work her photography magic.

As for the reception, Gail and Mandy (bride's family) were fully supportive and uber creative when it came to all the details. I was along to help, but was speechless when I opened a package that revealed such things as custom tissue boxes with photo covered sides (made by Kleenex!). There were just too many great ideas to mention in one blog.
Stephanie and Jacob had a sweet bar which was absolutely stunning in those vivid yellows, blacks, and whites. My favorite candy: Black wax mustaches! I'd better get mine out of my purse before I lose it.

While guests were enchanted with the endless activities, such as writing a message for the couple and hanging it in a wish tree, they enjoyed the amazing catering services of Delectables. There were fabulous fruits & finger foods, tiny milk shakes and desserts, freshly spun cotton candy cones, and the southern necessities of lemonade and tea. It was nearly impossible to resist eating some of their treats so I instead distracted myself by manning the DIY photo booth; complete with damask background and a trunk full of props and hats. I think I had as much fun as the guests striking silly poses!
The reception also boasted the most beautiful ruffled cake by Myra of Designs in Sugar, while the tent itself became a magical backdrop with the hard work of Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals. Team Mahaffey hung the lanterns, pitched tents, and set up the rentals that tied whole event together. (Thank you for the help Clint!) When I arrived to the venue it was nearly unrecognizable with the structures and decor. Mahaffey truly transforms everyday spaces into extraordinary places. - Ooh, maybe I have just come up with a new slogan for them.
Finally, a huge (H U G E) thank you is owed to Kate and Melissa who worked so hard and without complaint in the 95 degree heat of the day, (and in all black clothes no less). I could go on and on about the wedding and the people who made it a success but I will simply let the photos I do have speak for themselves.

-Congratulations to Jacob and Stephanie!


  1. Karin, All I can say is you are truly a floral artist. You did a wonderful job with contributing (and going above and beyond) in making Stephanie's fairytale wedding come true and we will be forever grateful. It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

  2. Hi Karen,

    You did do a wonderful job with the flowers. My name is Wes Flint with DJ Wes' Mobile DJ Service. I provided the sound for the ceremony and the entertainment for the reception. It truly was a wedding for the ages. I've done over 400 weddings in the last 11 years or so and this one wil be hard to beat! While it WAS hot outside, the reception tent was so cool and calming in large part by the flower arrangements and other decorations. I hope I too had a small part in the success of Stephanie and Jacob's wedding. It was a job well done on everyone's part.

  3. hi karin! i just LOVED all your decor everything was more beautiful than anyone could imagined and looked like something out of a magical fairytale movie! i hope your buisness does wonders in the industry because you truly are an artist. i loved the blog and the pictures cant wait to see the rest!!!