Spring Recap: Part 2 JDRF Promise Ball

When the Social Butterflies asked me to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with their 40th anniversary Promise Ball on April 10th, I had no idea how close to my heart it would become. After the meetings and designs and deliveries were all said and done I was honored with an invitation to celebrate the charity, their cause, and help raise donations that make it possible to fight against Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is scary, it is real, and it is something that alters not just the diabetic, but their entire families lives forever. And for one night those families and children were able to come together at the Historic Peabody and be embraced by the people of Memphis. It was very touching and I will never forget it.
The theme of the party was the Super 70's and since JDRF was founded in 1970 the peace signs and groovy decor was very fitting. Even some of the guests showed up in the hippest of hippie-wear. Here are a few amature photos I took before the evening began. The HH team consisted of me, Kelly S., Kate G., Melissa L., and Molly who tirelessly worked on the flowers and volunteered their time and energy (on a Saturday no less!). Behind the scenes, my husband and Bluff City Refrigeration expertly installed our newest walk in cooler to keep the flower-power going. Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for being a part of the success that JDRF had. They were able to raise over $360,000 that evening.

Some of the Sponsor Partners for the evening include:
Social Butterflies, Mahaffey Tents, Cort Furniture, and The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. For more information please click here: JDRF Keeping the Promise