Garden Wedding at the Dixon Gallery Part 2: Indoor Room

This post continues the celebration of Karen and Glen, a couple that gave me the creativity to make this reception so dreamy and taught me the exact Hot Orange of a Kubota Tractor. "Kubota Orange" as I will forever be calling the Cartegena Roses used, was one of the focal colors in the arrangements, linens, and draping in the clear tent. It was accented by coppery orchids and warm mercury glass vases. What a refreshing combination! Social Butterflies, Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals, CFY Catering, and Moonshine Lighting did another fab job as a team on this long hot day. We all sweat but did not complain. Not a single member of my team told me how many bugs they encountered or how hot they were. Thank you Wayne, Kate, Kristin, Melissa, Molly, and Latasha for your tireless efforts. You deserve a lot of credit.
Annabella Brandon stopped by just before the guests started making their way down the Dixon's famous garden paths. In her usual glowing vibrant magic way, she translated our hard day's work into pixels of splendor. These photos are the inside room at the Dixon Garden.

Some of my favorite photos by Asian Bees Photography include: