Garden Wedding at the Dixon Gallery Part 1

A wonderful thing about coming back to Memphis is that even though I am not new to the area per say, each venue is new to me. This was the first Haute Horticulture wedding and reception at the Dixon Gallery and Garden. It is beautiful, the staff is so accommodating, and the flora and fauna is perfectly maintained.
Our bride chose to avoid the hottest part of the day by having an early morning wedding and a 7pm reception. We kept the colors in lighter shades of yellow, peach, green, and cream for the A.M ceremony and vamped it up later around sunset. Delicious details include a sculpted petal aisle, a natural willow arch, and petal cones on the chair backs.

This will have to be a two part entry because there are so many wonderful photos and stories to share. The photos you see here were taken mostly by one of my assistants Kristin Wolter. I forgot my camera in all the sunrise packing. The morning team included my husband Wayne, Kate, Kristin, and a new member Latasha. We constructed everything on site for a one of a kind garden arch and stunning backdrop to a wedding.
I must also mention that this was a
Social Butterflies production as well as a Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals construction. I love working with them both.
Enjoy the most fragrant arch of tuberose, hydrangea, garden roses, stock, scented geranium leaf, and peonies!


  1. great place for an event .. thanks for the idea. i think this can use for some events ! it is also

    perfect . very impressive! . matching teh attraction of the plants and garden accessories such as wind spinner and other garden accessories . very nature theme . anyways
    thank you i hope to read more post from you . my friends gonna love this !