Love & Tulips Part 1: Pink & Orange at the Country Club

Joshua and Brooke now reside in Nashville, but pulled off a fabulous wedding and reception in Memphis this May. How? It's all relative! Thanks to their family and fab coordinators they were able to get the vendors that saw their vision. When I met with the mothers of the bride and groom before the wedding I began to realize that the colors themselves were the theme of the day and created arrangements that reinforced the theme (a far cry from the adjectives I usually hear; vintage, seaside, candy sweet). Thus, the resulting bold orange and pink drapes, cakes, and tulips were as abundant as the good times had by all attending guests. So I shall take a backseat and let most of the photos by Creation Studios speak for themselves.
There are a few back stories for the blog - one of which was their ice sculpture of a daschund Doggie. It was a beloved family pet and that was another new idea for me. Michelle of
Social Butterflies, the coordinating and designing team for the event, took a hilarious photo of Brooke giving the poochie a kiss. Also, since we knew Josh was a golfer in Nashville my team created a full floral golf bag on wheat grass. The only non floral items of the display were tees, clubs, and a ball. Thanks for going to the pro shop last minute for those perfect touches Kristin!

Lastly I heard that there were a few guests who had invited their friends (on their cell phones)to come see the designs and flowers. I took that as the ultimate compliment!
One final mention for my floral wholesaler (you know who you are) who got the nearly 1200 tulips so fresh that I had not a worry in the world when all 7 bridesmaids and the bride carried them around for over 3 hours. Not a single bloom popped open; as older tulips tend to do in the intense heat. There were even a few typical florist's summer "no-no's" like tulip boutonnieres for the groom and ring bearer, and a bride's bouquet of 30 two feet long french tulips! WOW!

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