The Nature of Love: Kate and Spencer - Part 2

Kate's love of flowers (especially hydrangeas) and eclectic decor coupled with Spencer's love of music and nature gave their guests good times for all the senses. Everyone feasted on food nearly too pretty to eat from Club Windward Catering and the beat never stopped thanks to The Memphis Soul Revue. MSR had so much funk the band even got people to dance to a Coldplay song. I had no idea that was possible! I must also say that the Lichterman Nature Center staff especially the site coodinator Bobbi was so helpful and on their game. What a clean and well planned facility!

Later as I was clearing up the wedding site that Kate (my assistant - same name as the bride) and I had earlier installed, the birds and insects serenaded me at sunset. For floral staff there is often a peace after such demanding nuptial schedules. In the silence and scattered rose petals you know that the couple is married, dancing, and surrounded by loved ones and that you were a part of their journey towards new beginnings together.
...Or perhaps it was the Sudafed talking since I had a summer cold. ;)
Either way nature and love are two things that help my business thrive, allow me to create, and keep me energized so I embrace them as much as possible. Make time to take a walk outside and hold some one's hand if you are lucky enough...