Love & Tulips Part 2: The Wedding

I am always ready to try new things. When Brooke and Josh (and Paula the bride's mother) gave the "OK" to Jeff Leatham style wedding flowers I was ready for the challenge. The results: Beauty... and a whole new respect for Jeff Leatham. Whew!
Here are the pics from the day by Creation Studios and all the lovely tulips in their glory!


  1. GIRL!! Great job! The wreathes are gorgeous!! How in the world did you get your tulip bouquet to behave and not look icky with wired stems?!!

  2. Hi Laura! Well I had an awesome wholesaler who was able to get me tulips so fresh (from CA) that none of them drooped or popped open in the 94 degree heat! The french tulips were also as wonderful (probably from Holland)and I have never wired a tulip to date, that sounds daunting. The tulip boutonnieres were nested in leaves which protected them. I did express my concern to the bride up front about all of the tulip personal flowers, but it worked out very well!