Competition School: An Ode to Klaus Wagener

This past week in floral competition class our instructor created a mid term group project that involved learning about a designer and featuring their work in a showcase for the class. Our foursome (Nixon, Sonia, Areum & I) chose Klaus Waneger; the wild and oddly controlled designer from Europe who has very natural, unusual, and sometimes gravity defying works.

(If you scroll his home page gallery you will see why we did what we did)

It was fun to create innovative designs that weren't so commercial and I wanted to share with you what we presented to the class. With use of such unusual products as paper, sea cucumber, and asparagus, let our inner Wageners shine. My project was the rectangle (above) that was described by classmates as "beautifully delicious", and "making me hungry". Why does it always have to come back to food?


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