Jasmine in my Garden

Saturday, my family and I went to the hardware store for some summer gardening supplies and there they had the most fragrant and beautiful Jasmine vine! Remembering the words of Michael Daigian I immediately placed it in the cart to plant in the house garden. It seems to be a smart investment since it grows like mad and is becoming the "ivy" of choice among modern brides. There's nothing wrong with Ivy but I imagine the plant was so overdone in the 80's and 90's that brides of today want a change. Nancy Liu Chin also has a fondness for Jasmine and taught me how to use it well.

Above is an arrangement that has pink winding Jasmine to give it the scent and movement that made it a favorite at Susan's baby shower. I look forward to using some from my own garden some day this summer to accentuate some lovely wedding florals.