A door wreath is something that says welcome in the most beautiful way. Some people may think that wreaths are only for funerals, but I feel they are appropriate and special for any happy life event. I believe it was the Greeks who first twisted laurel and olive trees into rings. I found this quote from suite 101.com:

A wreath was called a diadem, from the Greek word diadema, meaning "a thing bound around." Diadems were bands of fabric worn to symbolize royalty. During the Greek Olympics, wreaths were made of various leaves, such as olive and laurel, and given as prizes. The olive tree became the symbol for peace and we've all heard the phrase "to earn your laurels."

So I am proud to show off the oval wreath that adorned the front door at the baby shower for my dear friend Susan in Novato. It was held at her family home and organized by her two sisters-in-law, April and Robin. Of course, her mother Ginny was very involved and all 45 attendants has a wonderful time. In my next post I will go into more detail, but I just had to share this magnificent floral piece that adorned Ginny's very red door.