Ranunculus & Roses

Today's inspiration board is unabashed in it's hue. Pink is on my mind again and these double ranunculus fit the part so well. When I design, I always have the big picture in mind. It may take days to create in my spare time, but I steal every extra minute I can to complete the idea.
In this montage, Orlando roses are sugary sweet and paired with quince and some fresh geranium leaf. The container with the open door was an impulse purchase and I have been waiting to fill it with flowers that were bright enough to be noticed inside.
The horizontal wreath is something I am really excited about. It's a cross between a may pole and a flat table wreath and I can't wait to someday use it as a large centerpiece in a wedding.
It's funny how the mind always wanders back to food when describing color and texture, but I can't help but imagine cotton candy today.