Vignette #1: Beautiful Butterflies

Since I have been working with the Social Butterflies on the Mahaffey Project I have been noticing the actual butterfly pattern more often in stores and merchandise. I am always that way with a wedding theme. If a bride loves copper, then I will stop at all things copper in the months preceding, during, and proceeding wedding. It takes a while to deprogram my mind from looking out for anything that matches the theme that the happy couple might want to have included in their special day. It's just the way I am.
That said, I have a feeling after this table and working with the fluttering ladies, I will have a penchant for anything beautiful and 4 winged for a long time.

Beautiful Butterflies table has a modern linen that even reflects the wings of this creature and all the flowers are such that a butterfly couldn't resist them! On the chandelier, a vibrant hanging teardrop shaped orange butterfly "ball" is made with Mokara Orchids, Orange Tulips, and Voodoo Roses. The Purple leis were hand sewn from hundreds Purple Mokara orchids. The whole table was fragrant and lovely! Michelle even got in on the flower action and hung extra orchids on the chandelier and placed them on the napkins. Those extra touches are one of the best parts about having a coordinator on your wedding day team to make sure every detail is the best it can be.