Vignette #5 White Fantasy Table

When asked the question, "What would someone in Hollywood do?" this is what we decided on. All white for the modern luxury appeal with a serpentine "S" shaped table, custom linens, and a 9 foot "S" shaped trellis of branches and orchids. With over the top crystal beads and Lucite menus, extremely high end hairs and a dash of blue lighting, this was one of my favorites of the evening. Depending on the flash use, the photos here vary from dramatic to detailed. The professional pics are under wraps until we receive word on publication.

I hope you enjoyed the tour as White Fantasy Table finishes the 5 Vignettes at the Meet Mahaffey party in February. Next up for the blog is a look at the spring Daffodils and flowering branches in Memphis (my favorite!). I can't say it enough, thanks for following the Petal Press. The photos and articles are really going to be colorful this year. We have tons of unique weddings lined up for Wedding Season 2010!