Vignette #3 Crimson Candleabra

The lighting on this table was so red and deep that in person Crimson Candelabra demanded your attention. Upon approaching the table one's eyes were kept busy taking in every detail. I have to admit if I lived in fantasy-budget land I would have added hundreds more Freedom Red Roses and amazing black centered Anemones everywhere(a personal favorite). But that's what I love about my profession; it is fun, a creative challenge, and there is always something to learn from every job to make you a better florist. Even as the money crunch of 2010 is keeping flowers to a minimum there are ways to make big statements with less.
These candelabras (sacrificed by Social Butterflies) held black matte spray paint so well. Now I want to cover all my gorgeous silver items in wild colors! I will restrain myself for now....
I must also mention that the rose balls you see in the corners were made by the Social Butterflies. They are silk and reusable and if you would like to know their secret recipe, visit the SB Blog.