Vignette #2 Bird Boutique & Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic was a blast to make! Just ask Jaime from Social Butterflies, who showed me her "find of the century" the morning of the Meet Mahaffey party. She found this old chair with a wooden birdhouse on top of it {on the "take me" side of her neighbor's curb}. We sprayed it to the proper colors and brought it right into the vignette. I love stories like that.

This table has a lot of details starting with the centerpiece which is flowing from a vintage tea tin (my new favorite piece) I found on Etsy. The centerpiece is held on a curved cake plate that has streamers of ribbon each ending in a tiny cameo or rose painted cameo. There are mini tart dishes that house flower filled pies and for a place card, the top of a jelly filled mason jar. Even the fabric is perfectly turquoise and lemon yellow rosettes!

I love the old windows and birdcages hung in the background. True story: The big grid in the back is from my largest window in the log cabin!!! Ever since we popped out the frame I have been wanting to hang something from it. I'm a sucker for suspended arrangements. The dainty flowers include some of the first ranunculus of the season and acacia. Add in the stock and freesia and this was the most fragrant table around. I hope to do more of this theme in the summer; it's a great look.