Bouquet of the Week

This week's feature bouquet is made almost entirely of popcorn hydrangea. I was at the market and couldn't resist the impulse purchase because popcorn hydrangea are extremely seasonal flowers available for a couple of glorious weeks in June. Sprigs of lavender were used to compliment the fun purple popcorn blooms. This was probably the most calming bouquet I have ever made thanks to the lavender. It was a strong fragrance, but could prove very useful for a stressed bride!

About Hydrangea: Hydrangea is probably not the flower of choice for most summer bouquets. The mass of tiny florets on a hydrangea head require so much water that they are prone to dehydrate faster than most other blooms. If someone were to use a hydrangea bouquet for their wedding I would suggest another heartier bouquet as a backup. I have seen some beautiful hydrangea bouquets turn to floppy pom poms (like a cheerleader) within 2 hours.