4 Centerpieces: 4 Prices

When consulting with brides I often encounter a few contradictions that need the perfect solution. One such issue is the price. The centerpiece cannot be over a certain dollar amount (or size or shape or theme) but must be beautiful and creative. In the words of Michael Daigian, "Anything multiplied by 20 or 30 becomes the largest item on the budget and as such must be exactly what the clients expect". I couldn't agree more and on this blog I love to post samples from actual client meetings. Samples give everyone an opportunity to see the products in person that take up a majority of their event budget.
Here are four samples that Monica and I came up with in the studio that are cost effective, have visual interest, follow the wedding theme, are the right color, and fit in the space that is allotted. What an interesting project it was for us to brainstorm and create these orange/copper arrangements.

The images below have "$" symbols to indicate how expensive they are to purchase. One $ is the most affordable and four $$$$ cost the most.