Got Grunge?

Fashion is a strange force. We are helpless against its powers of persuasion. The 80's are back in a big way and it's not odd at all right now that I am dressed like Debbie Gibson (leggings and a long pink sweater) when I go out to meet clients. I didn't even dress like Debbie Gibson in 1987!

The inspiration board above is my ode to salmon and grapefruit, just some of the 80's comeback colors for 2009 brides. I am enjoying teal too, but haven't had a chance to work with it this year.
(Since this board is purely for inspiration, not all of the photos are my own)

The super 80's fad leaves one question: When this phase is over and we are all burning our skinny jeans, what is left? My mentor Nancy had suggested Grunge one day. I gasped, "How can you interpret that into a wedding?" and here is the answer. It is a photo from a Wedding show in San Francisco that was held at the Four Seasons. The show was amazing! Wayne and I had so much fun & met so many great vendors, so when I saw this table I was speechless. It's a grunge wedding table! WOW! This post is for all of you who did grunge the first time. Enjoy the "unplugged" acoustic styled table that is all but missing flannel chair covers. I am amazed at the creativity and yet baffled by what is to come. Will we all be wearing grunge again? Too soon to tell... or is it?