"OMG!" The Runaway Bouquet

Every wedding has a story or two that is more memorable than the prescious details painstakingly arranged months, maybe years ahead of time. My toss bouquet is one such story. I offer you a tale of hilarity, timing, and accuracy - the likes of which I could not reenact if I tried 100 times.

The Toss:
Being a hard core DIY Bride, I decided that I would fashion my own toss bouquet the night before I was married. What else is a bride to do at 4am the night before her wedding? The big day arrived and most everything was perfect: the weather, the guests, the venues. They were all cooperating in full. That is - until the toss. You see, for the reception my husband and I picked a very swanky, upscale, and modern club in Memphis with these peculiar low hanging ceiling tiles. I turned around to fling my bouquet into the waiting hands of all the singe ladies and when it left my hands..... silence. I turned around to look at the winning recipient only to see every face in the room aimed at the roof, eyes wide, mouth wider. To my disbelief and great aim, I had wedged those flowers into the ceiling tile! The most persistent bridesmaid with the help of her brother, climbed up a chair and plucked the bouquet from the sky.

It was a moment I will never forget. And so future brides, you can plan everything to the tiniest detail but it is the silly and strange stories of your big day you will remember the most fondly. May this also be a reminder to pick a photographer that is good at photo journalistic style as well as trustworthy enough not to miss a thing. I thank Frozen Zen Photography for catching these priceless moments without blinking!