Contemporary Christmas

When looking for inspiration one of my favorite online communities to consult is called Ubloom. It is not a secret society but rather a welcoming place for professionals and hobbyists alike. I enjoy watching the JTV webisodes hosted by J. Schwanke who is a great resource for step-by-step instruction on arrangements. I also love to learn from the pros around the country. One such featured designer was Beth O'Reily, AIFD. She won a ubloom contest with her amazing Calla Lily Tower. I knew once I saw the tower that I had to try it! My friend Karina was gracious enough to trust my experiments on her Christmas party this year and the results were stunning. Her mantle looked so vivid and contemporary that one of her guests was tapping the tulips to check if they were real while another commented, "Did you get those at Pottery Barn?". I love the store myself so I take that as a compliment. There are some houses that are open and accepting of decoration, much like a square box always makes a beautiful wrapped present. Karina's house is a dream to fill with flowers every time!


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