Three (legged) Cheers!

I am not an extreme person when it comes to politics. This doesn't shock any reader that knows me well. I am, however, an extreme animal loving person and hearing Obama had taken photos with a three legged puppy makes me happy! I just so happen to be the 5 year long "mommy" of a tri-pawed animal myself. He is a cat named Rabbit. My husband and I adopted Rabbit in Memphis from an emergency vet who had performed a mercy amputation instead of euthanizing him.
What a character out dear Rabbit is! He is like lightening when he streaks up and down the stairs and he twirls his little "rabbit tail" when curious or about to do something naughty. In certain respects I am envious of our little kitty because he can sleep with ease on his non-existent shoulder without feeling that awkward hump under his back. And yet sometimes I look at his missing appendage with deep thought about my own daily life if I were to suddenly lose even a hand. It amazes me how normal our Rabbit is. Most people who meet him don't even notice the missing leg and tail because his body is contoured like an MC Escher painting that draws no attention to where his legs begin and end.

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