Today's Showers

It's a bit rainy outside and as I look out the windows I am reminded of the "showers" I have decorated or attended in the past. Of course I am speaking of bridal and baby showers. The term used to conjure up scary images of lacy decorations and , gasp, shower games! Now it seems in modern days that showers, like weddings, can be decorated and given in any imaginable theme or location.

Take, for example, my cousin. Her baby shower was more like a girl's spa weekend where we all went to a resort near her home and had massages. She had the pregnancy massage with special pillows so that she could actually lay on her stomach for the first time in months! It was a great gift and all of us attendees got to benefit from each other's company and a massage! Later there was a dressy dinner and then dessert back at the resort. This was the brain child of my aunt, who is a party guru. Every family has that amazing person who gets everyone together for the holidays and special events and my aunt is that and much more. I visited her one summer for my cousin's graduation and learned how to make a hollowed out watermelon sculpture to fill with melon balls and assorted fruit. It is also the first time I had ever seen edible flowers on passed hors d'oeuvres. Outstanding!!!

Presently I am seeing a shift in showers and I am loving it! There may be a game or two, but the focus is more on beautiful decorations, fun with gifts, and fabulous foods. Suzan L. hosted a garden themed shower this summer for which I had the privilege of arranging flowers. It boasted the perfect spread of summer ripe edibles and a signature daytime cocktail! The shower was for a bride and dear friend of mine as well as someone who is featured on the HH website. It was a total success and so enjoyable to plan with the hostess.

Currently, a shower is in the works for Susan herself who is expecting her first baby girl. My mind is already humming with ideas and dream themes. What will it be? Pastel Chic? Chartreuse Charm? Vintage Tea? Buttery Yellows? The possibilities are endless and that is why I will always jump at the chance to create a memorable shower with as many flowers as the host will let in the door (or let me hang on the door)!