A New Day in a New Year

Today I write my first entry in The Petal Press; a blog that encompasses all of the behind the scenes and after hours thoughts, photos, and ideas from Haute Horticulture and life as a budding floral designer.

My husband, Wayne, worked his usual programming magic and produced a beautiful haven for all things good to come in 2009.

Why The Petal Press? It is a name that stems from the flower presses I used as a child to make permanent keepsakes out of spring flowers. It is also homage to the flower press I used for the single Dogwood bloom I plucked from the trees in the front of St. Peter church and placed in my bouquet on our wedding day. Lastly it is "press" for release of my pictures and stories as well as advice and thoughts for anyone engaged, interested in working in floristry, or simply a flower lover.

I am a wife, mother, student, apprentice to a well known designer in San Francisco, and I own a business in the Bay Area. Join me on my adventures in weddings, events, school, and life!

My sincere wish is to entertain as well as inform; but at the very least I hope you enjoy my photographs!