Ready, Set, Compete!

Every year just as Spring arrives in the Bay Area the deYoung Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco has an exhibit/fundraiser called Bouquets to Art. In the last 25 years it has grown into a very grand affair that includes most of the top local names in floral and event design. The idea is simple: Florists are invited to pick out a work of art or series in the museum and create (mostly from organic materials and flowers) a showpiece or collection that reflects their interpretation of the art piece(s) they have chosen. The result is monumental: Some of the works defy gravity and logic. Others can be so massive they seem impossible, or so perfectly complimentary to the art piece that one wishes they were up year round. Genius! I love the idea of merging mediums in one beautiful gala! Especially when one of the mediums is floral in nature. I have read one woman's account as" heaven on earth for lovers of flowers and fine art".

This brings me to my next announcement. For the first time ever in 25 years, there will be a competition that takes place during the preview party and is inspired by the latest exhibit of Yves Saint Laurent in the museum. The competition is only open to students of flowers and fashion, and as such we will be crafting clothing and accessories completely from flowers. Then our work will be displayed at the preview gala!

I am so excited about the prospect of being any part of the 25th anniversary Bouquets to Art and I must stop right now and say thank you in advance to one of the masters Jenny T. who I will have the privilege of learning from again this semester. She believes in me and is so naturally good at teaching and designing! (Most people in the field are good at either one or the other but rarely both). Jenny was one of the floral designers shown in the 2007 exhibit and worked tirelessly to create some very perfect and jaw-dropping displays. My boss Nancy will also have 3 pieces at the museum. She's a veteran of Bouquets to Art. I can't wait to see what she does!

I found a photo online of one of Jenny's pieces in 2007. I am so proud I have to share! Robin Lew has this and many other wonderful pics on the following website:
Let's start the countdown to the Bouquets to Art and YSL competition March 16th, 2009!